• Iran CNG 2016
    The international Exhibiton & conference on CNG & Alternative fuels industry
    6-7th December 2016, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Tehran, Iran
  • Iran CNG 2016


Based on 28th ANGVA Board meeting held in January 2015, Islamic Republic of Iran has been officiated as host of the 7th ANGVA Biennial International conference and Exhibition (ANGVA 2017).
Iran, located in Middle East, has an area of about 1.648 million sq. km and a population of over 75 million. With its young population, high and growing energy demand per person, growing urbanization and economic development, Iran has been one of the growing power markets of the world.
Iran has one of the world’s biggest gas reserves as well as vast gas transmission and distribution network and has turned into the world’s biggest producer and consumer of CNG clean fuel during the past decade and now has about 4000000 natural gas vehicles and more than 2350 CNG refueling Stations.
As the successful host and organizer of ANGVA 2017 in Iran, CNG and Alternative fuels associations in Iran have planned pre-events to be held in 2015 and 2016 in Tehran, Iran, under the name of “The Exhibition and Conference of CNG Industry and Alternative Fuels”. Read More….


Four plenary sessions were held on CNG and alternative fuels _ IRAN CNG 2016 Conference

Four plenary sessions were held on CNG and alternative fuels _ IRAN CNG 2016 Conference Session 1             (opening session): key questions and CNG industry status  ( presentation by Dr. Najafi,  K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty Member) Members: Mr. Shahryar Khashe, Board member of Iranian CNG manufactures association Mr. Ardeshir Dadras,Chairman of Iranian […]


World Biogas Association Formed

Arising out of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP 22 is the World Biogas Association (WBA), launched two weeks ago at the international gathering in Marrakesh, Morocco. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG, biomethane), marketed under various brand names around the world, is fast becoming a mobility fuel of choice because of its sustainability, […]


Workshops during the conference

The following workshops will be held during conference days in coordination with National Standards Organization, Pardis ANGVA training center, Iranian NGV equipment manufacturers:


Iran to join gasoline exporters’ club by Oct 2017

Abbas Kazemi, managing director of the National Iranian Oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), made the announcement at a meeting here. After the Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensate Refinery becomes operational, Iran will be self-sufficient in providing gasoline for the country and will join the gasoline exporters’ club, Kazemi said. He added the Persian Gulf Star […]


The first gathering of “irancng2016”

The first gathering of “irancng2016” was held at Havayar Co. on july25. Some CNG & alternative fuels NGO’s members came to gather and checked the progress reports of IranCNG2016 activities. In addition, conference topics, specialized committees and the future plans were discussed in the gathering.