The 2015 National Exhibition and Conference of CNG Industry and Alternative Fuels December 7-8, 2015, 

Tehran- IRAN


The Iranian National Exhibition and Conference of CNG Industry and Alternative Fuels (Iran CNG 2015) was successful held at the IRIB International Conference Center in Tehran_Iran, 7th to 8th December 2015.

This event was approved and supported by National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC).

ANGVA and NGV Global also supported this event. Key CNG players both from the government and private sectors were present at this event. ANGVA was represented by its Senior Vice President, Mr. Amir Khaki (whom is also the Managing Director of Tamkar Gas Equipment, Iran) and Executive Director, Mr. Lee Giok Seng.


Conference main areas:

  • Activities and shortages in Iran’s CNG industry
  • Possibilities, risks, opportunities and challenges ahead in the post-sanctions era
  • Methods of deploying world class high-tech system for expanding Iran’s CNG industry
  • Preparing the necessary ground for foreign investment in the CNG industry by industry owners and government officials in the post-sanctions era.
  • Methods of increasing energy productivity in the car manufacturer companies;
  • Management of carbon in CNG industry, based on approved methodologies


  • Iranian CNG Manufacturers Associations;
  • Alternative Fuels Association;
  • Iranian CNG Association

fuel CNG Manufacturers CNG Association

Partners and Supporters:

  • Iran National Standards Organization;
  • Transportation and Fuel Management Headquarter
  • Iran’s minister of industry, mine and trade (MIMT);
  • Ministry of Iran Petroleum (MOP);
  • National Iranian Oil Products Distribution (NIOPDC);
  • National Iran Gas Company (NIGC);
  • Interior Ministry (The State Municipalities and Village Assistance Offices Organization)
  • Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation (CITC);
  • Pardis-ANGVA Learning Center
  • Iran’s Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

International Supporters :

  • Asia Pacific National Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA)
  • NGV Global



  • CNG Magazine
  • Meet Journal (Middle East Energy Today)


Conference and its specialty side panels

1- CNG and what to expect in future

(Future Outlook of NGV Market?)

  • Legal challenges and opportunities
  • Economical challenges and opportunities
  • Environmental challenges and opportunities

2- CNG branding and development

  • Building strong branding for CNG Industry in Iran
  • Government plan and Macro-Programs in Iran’s 6th. Economic, Social, Political and Cultural Development Plan for expanding the CNG industry
  • Role of Iran’s Interior Ministry in developing the CNG industry
  • Ways of attracting incentives and investment in the industry
  • Legal Challenges for CNG Industry Development
  • Optimizing the capacities of CNG stations

3- CNG industry, NGVs’ Information systems and periodic inspections

  • Periodic Inspection of CNG Vehicles and challenges
  • Periodic Inspection of CNG Stations and challenges
  • Information Systems in CNG Inspection and challenges


4- CNG industry and NGVs

  • Car manufactures and Developing CNG Industry
  • OEMs and workshops capabilities for production NGVs or conversion


5- CNG industry domestic products and suppliers

  • Challenges in CNG components and equipment localization
  • CNG equipment and related services export (CNG compressors, CNG cylinders, CNG kits ,…) and the role of Iran Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade
  • Maintenance and spare part


Iran CNG industry & related services Show, including  CNG  and  LPG refueling equipment and systems, CNG cylinders, etc.


  • Periodical inspection of CNG stations (Training Course)
  • The periodical inspection of BI-Fuel Automotive vehicle (Course)


Key speakers:

-Ms. Nayereh Piruzbakht head of the Iran National Standards Organization (INSO)

-Mr. Abbas Kazemi, Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister who heads the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC)

-Mr. Lee Giok Seng Executive Director of Asia Pacific National Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA)

-Mr. seyed Naser Sajjadi, Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution (NIOPDC)

-Mr. Amir Vakilzadeh, Director of  CNG Planning for National Iranian Oil Products Distribution

-Mr. Mansour Riahi, deputy of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution

-Mr. Amir Jafaripour, General Director of Public Transportation and traffic  office  in the State Municipalities and Village Assistance Offices Organization

-Mr. Azizollah Godarzi, Deputy Bureau of Automotive industry in Ministry of SMT

-Mr. Mohammad Zali, Head of Iran Khodro Research  and development center


Summary Report of Conference

Five panels discussions were convened during the two days conference, raising and discussing experiences and issues facing the development and expansion of the NGV market in Iran.

Among the key issues raised were the formulation, implementation, and enforcement of national standards related to CNG; consolidation of the many municipal and privately run CNG refueling stations towards building strong branding for CNG; matching supply and demand of the many CNG refueling stations capacities:

-Safety related issues such as CNG stations and CNG cylinders periodic inspections and audits-

-OEMs production of CNG vehicles

-Local utilization and export of CNG equipment and components manufactured in Iran.

NGV Industry Sustainable growth (Presented By ANGVA)

The NGV Industry must come together to develop strategies and actions to address the current challenges to ensure that NGV markets continue to develop, grow and becomes sustainable.

The strategies should take into account:

  • Natural gas will most likely be always cheaper than oil.
  • There are larger reserves of natural gas than oil and these reserves are well distributed worldwide.
  • Natural gas burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline.
  • There is opportunity for NGVs to be green and renewable via the use of Biomethane / Renewable Natural Gas.
  • Electric vehicles still have a long journey towards large scale utilization.